Real Life "Smelly Cat" Now Has A New Life

When little Stinkie was found, she was the living embodiment of "smelly cat." The runt of the litter, she really was neglected after birth.

"We nicknamed her Stinkie because she stank quite badly. Being the runt of the litter, her mom hadn't cleaned her at all or showed her how to do it," Stinkie's owner, Bogdan, says.

Stinkie needed constant attention, so Bogdan's girlfriend decided to take her in. She weighed just 0.2lbs and desperately needed to be cleaned. She had never been cleaned by her mother or taught how to do so, so the family cat decided to take over when Stinkie arrived at her foster home.

"We were supposed to give her food via syringes but soon she started eating on her own," says Bogdan. Stinkie grew more and more every day, and as she grew, so did her love for her new forster dad.

"I took her out on a leash to parks in New York or Philly, on quick short walks on the streets of New York or Philadelphia, on subways, buses or trains to and from Philly. She quickly became very used to the outdoors," Bogdan told Love Meow.

Now, Stinkie looks like a regular cat...except a little more adventurous!

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