Quarantini Martini - By Request

Quarantini Martini - For "Dining In" ;)

"First and foremost, I want to reassure you that I am very serious about staying home and keeping our social distance. I want you to be healthy and stay healthy!"

You are being awesome and staying home as we all should, so we can get RID of this horrible Coronavirus once and for all! So, I was asked by several listeners of my radio show to come up with a fun "Quarantini Martini" (I'm a certified Mixologist, albeit NEW, so please go easy on me if there are any seasoned Mixologists that watch! :)

"Feeling bombarded by negative media, I know I'm not alone"

We are staying home as we should (hopefully) but if you're like me, working from home or being stuck at home, the negativity can be weary. We can't go out to restaurants and enjoy a casual cocktail. We constantly see news on every one of our devices, SO, I am making this to hopefully give you a little lightness and joy into your stay at home. Drink Responsibly, of course, and if you use my recipe, make sure to hide the jello from the under 21-ers in your house! Lotsa of love and positive vibes I'm sending to you and prayers that we all make it through this trying time. Recipe below and thanks for watching! - Judi

Judi's "Quarantini Martini" Recipe

For while you are #StayHome and practicing Social Distance like the awesome person you are, but...You totally miss going out and having drinks and dinners out!

INGREDIENTS: (Highlighted takes you to link to see, i went to Total Wine but widely available at Randall's and even grocery stores)

1 1/2 oz. Gin (or Vodka)

1/2 Oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur

1/2 Oz. Schnapps Sour Apple liqueur

6-8 drops Orange Bitter

6-8 drops Rose's Lime Juice

2 oz. Sweet n' Sour

Fine Sugar for Rim

Garnish, Lemon Wedge (or cherry or pineapple)


Chill large Martini Glass (Fill with Ice & cold water)

In Mixer glass fill with ice all ingredients in order above except the garnish and sugar rimmer.

Transfer to a Shaker and either stir for at least twenty counts, or shake it like you're Tom Cruise in "Cocktail"

Empty Martini glass of the ice and rim with your sugar. Strain from shaker tin into Martini glass and garnish with Lemon wedge or garnish of your choice and ENJOY!

Let me know how it turned out and send some pics! **CHEERS** - Judi

Judi's "Quarantini Martini"

Judi's "Quarantini Martini"

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