The Best Two-Player Board Games To Keep Couples Entertained

Feeling a little bored with all this staying at home? It’s bound to happen because at some point we may get tired of binge-watching Netflix and baking banana bread. Luckily, there’s an old school pastime made to keep us entertained: board games. These require only two players, so they’re perfect for couples, or you and your roommate or friend you’re isolating with.

Scrabble - This classic word game has players make words using their seven tiles and score extra points for landing on triple and double squares.

The Game of Life - In this one, players choose life paths, like going to college, starting a career, and having kids as they make their way across the board. Remember those fun little cars? It’s still got them.

Guess Who? - Here players have to ask yes or no questions like “are they wearing glasses” and “does she have blonde hair?” to try to eliminate options and guess who their opponent’s mystery character is.

Battleship - You can get out some pent up frustration in this game, where players try to guess where the other player’s battleships are on the grid and then destroy them.

Connect 4 - It’s simple, but still fun for all ages as players try to score four counters in a row or block their opponent from doing the same.

Jenga - The idea here is to remove blocks from the block tower and stack them on top while not knocking the structure over.

Trivial Pursuit - When you’re ready to spend a few hours playing a game, this one has players move around the board answering trivia questions to earn wedges.

Exploding Kittens - In this game, players take turns drawing cards until someone gets an Exploding Kitten card, which means they’ve “exploded,” unless they’re lucky enough to have a diffuse card. There’s even an adults-only version available at Target for grown-up fun.


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