The Healing Power of Paint

Hi.My name is Judi Diamond and I am a Couch Artist. Well, actually I used to paint murals for a living while in-between acting gigs when I lived in L.A. I've always loved art. I'm not very good, to be honest.To this day I don't know how I made money doing it, but I've not picked up a paint brush in years. Until Covid. Then, it saved me.

Girl On Fire
"Beyond Earth"

As so many, I've been social distancing myself since March and as so many have encountered, my mood swings were getting more and more lopsided, leaning toward the down side more with each quarantined day. I was lonely, felt isolated and was simply down. I was watching a youtube video when I discovered a painting technique I'd never heard of called "Pouring". I decided it was something that looked easy enough for me to try and not fail at, so off to Michaels I went and for under fifty bucks, I had plenty of canvases, paint, brushes, floetral and silicone to try out all the techniques I'd seen on Youtube. Below is one of the guidance videos I watched.

Come to find out, it's become extremely popular since the Pandemic! I've had conversations with checkers at the grocery store to friends on social media and it's a WHOLE new world for anyone wanting to create their own works of art and it's not too difficult! It's like we now speak another "fluid paint" language and it's fun!

It's also been extremely uplifting for me, personally, especially during these difficult times. I found art and painting to be a way to stop thinking of all the "what ifs" and turn off the negative news reports that I have no control over. It's been my own calm in this storm. It's a type of mediation, really. The best part, if you mess up it doesn't matter! You can start over, or, discover as I have that the "messy" painting I'd not intended made me smile because I tried. I also happen to like finding the beauty in the ugly! AS Jason Mraz says in a song "It's like picking up trash in dresses". So get going and get inspired! Share some of your art, would love to see it!

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