WATCH: Woman Finds Mysterious Room Behind Bathroom Mirror In NYC Apartment

Anyone who has seen their share of New York City apartments knows there can be weird things in them - from bathtubs in the kitchen to bedrooms the size of closets, but what one woman discovered at her home in the Big Apple is a thing of nightmares, and she shared it in a series of videos on TikTok.

Samantha Hartsoe started her first clip by describing how cold her apartment is. That's nothing too strange for NYC - often times in winter apartments are either too cold due to bad heaters, or steaming hot - also due to bad heaters. However, Hartsoe noticed that the chill in her place was due to a draft, which, after looking around, she realized was coming from her bathroom. She even films her hair moving because the draft is so strong.

It turns out the air was coming from her mirror, so she took it off the wall and learned it was hiding something very freaky.

*These videos contain some harsh language*

After removing the mirror, Samantha found a hole in her wall behind it leading to an empty space, and connected to that space is an entire room.

The incredibly brave Samantha then decides to investigate further and actually crawls through the hole in her wall to the other side.

In her final video, Hartsoe tours the area beyond her bathroom and it's actually a lot more than one room.

There's no word on what exactly the space behind Samantha's mirror is, or why there was open access to it from her bathroom mirror, but she promises viewers that her landlord will be getting a call. You can keep an eye out for any updates here.

Photo: Getty Images