Lake Worth Beach Gives Final Vote To Panhandling Ordinance Repeal

Homeless man sitting and asking for help while holding cardboard

Photo: Getty Images

Lake Worth Beach city leaders have moved forward with the repealing of the city's panhandling ordinances, both of which have been targets of a lawsuit.

One of the ordinances focused on "right of way panhandling" that's commonly seen along the I-95 entrance and exit ramps in the city and the other one banned "aggressive panhandling."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, which handles law enforcement in Lake Worth Beach, has not enforced the panhandling ordinances since January, after a judge declared the county's now former ordinance against panhandling to be unconstitutional.

City Mayor Betty Resch has made it clear that she is only in favor of repealing the ordinances out of fear that the lawsuit will cost city taxpayers. She wants city staff to work up a new ordinance that would be able to withstand legal challenges.

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