Get the Vibe for today on The Juice with Judi 1.13.2021

Unmasked Bruce Willis got the unmasked boot, do NOT call her ANNE Hathaway, CES 2021 day 3 and more on this Juice with Judi 1.13.2021 episode!

The Juice With Judi 1.13.2021

Anne Hathaway wants everyone to stop calling her Anne source: Buzzfeed. Fans of Netflix's The Queens Gambit can stay in a hotel just like the show source: TrendHunter also TrendHunter has all that's hot at the 2021 CES Virtual including the COOLEST Mask, just call her "Project Hazel" we'll all be wanting but hopefully not needing FOREVER! Mega Millions is still up for grabs as of today (1.13.2021), and another great Buzzfeed story on the historical domino effect. When one series of seemingly unrelated events affects a later event years, well, later. Thanks to Tik Toker@haythamj who got the whole thing started and so much more of what's trending, fun and will at least give you a five minute reprieve from all the negativity! :) Remember to SUBSCRIBE to The Juice With Judi Podcast so you stay in the know on your pop culture, fun and fashion. - Namaste' Well!