Judi skateboards to get her Sun Run on!

Hi, Judi here asking for your help!

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital NEVER turns a sick child away, even if their family cannot pay! However they cannot do it without our help! This year the Sun Run will be held VIRTUALLY again, and yours truly will be M.C.-ing the virtual event.

The GREAT news about it being virtual, is that YOU can join in and get your own Sun Run on ANY WAY you like? Just sign up at the following link to join in and help out a very worthy cause for the kids! Click this link to join the 2021 Sun Run! AND check out the cool SWAG you'll get including a very awe-inspiring t-shirt! Make sure to also follow their FACEBOOK page link here!

Just like I say in the video, everyone at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital are warriors, won't you join us warriors too? THANK YOU! - Namaste'Well!


"Look at these biceps"

Photo: Diamond, Judi

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