Furry Friend of the Week - Gadget and Marley (ADOPTED)


  • Breed: Jack Russell Mix | Chihuahua Mix
  • Age: 7-years-old | 8-years-old
  • Gender: Male | Female

Meet Gadget and Marley!

Gadget has that personality that will jump out at you immediately. His happiness is contagious and his puppy-like play style will have you grinning from ear to ear. If you have something that he wants, he is very quick to “say please” in the cutest (and fastest) way possible. It’s simply impossible to spend a few minutes with this guy and leave without a smile on your face.

Marley is a little more on the reserved side, but would definitely blow Gadget out of the water on the cuddle-meter. She is very affectionate and ready to fall asleep in your arms!

These two were roommates for many years, so they became like family to one another. They are a bonded pair and must remain together. We are trying to help them find a furever home with a loving family. Would you like to adopt them?

Click here to learn how to adopt!

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