Guy Drives Maserati On Beach And Gets It Stuck

Here's a bit of life long advice we can all use: If you're lucky enough to own a $100,000 Maserati, don't drive it on the beach.

Seems easy enough except we have one gentleman who tried it and was shocked when the car became stuck in sand dunes north of Newcastle, Australia. Video shows the dark grey Maserati stuck in the sand dune with a tow line attached between its front bumper and the rear of another driver's truck. As the truck begins to accelerate and surged forward, an audible crack was heard and the Maserati's bumper flies off, snapping into pieces.

Bystanders watching the attempt at recovering the vehicle can be heard gasping and swearing as the bumper shatters.

The Maserati has since been towed from the scene and declared a write-off.

Watch the video below... tell me the truck's driver wasn't trying to do that. You don't gun the truck... you have to ease the rope to get tension, then start pulling.

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Photo: Getty Images