Worker Finds Lost Diamond At Alabama's Stadium

Victoria Giattina, assistant director of event management and external operations for Bryant Denny Stadium, the home of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, said a couple called after attending the Tide's 52-24 win over Texas A&M on Saturday. They wanted to report a diamond was missing from the woman's wedding ring.

After the game, the couple discovered the diamond setting was missing from the ring, and they searched their home and vehicle. Nothing came up, so on a whim, they looked up the stadium number and called.

Giattina said, "They really didn't think it was at the stadium," but she took on the task of searching the section where the couple had been seated.

It had been two days after the small stone was lost but she said she "couldn't believe it" when she located the diamond after only about 30 minutes of searching saying, "it's literally laying here, shining so brightly."

The diamond has been returned to the couple.

Photo: Getty Images