Reporter Finds $40K Of Lost Jewelry At Airport

One traveler nearly lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, until a reporter stepped in to help.

CBS News reporter Omar Villafranca found a box filled with $40-thousand worth of jewelry in a bathroom at the airport. He tried to turn it in to TSA, but they sent him to a gate agent, where he left the box and its expensive contents. But he also tweeted about his find, posting photos and the caption, “Hoping that by doing this, it makes someone’s 2020 suck less.”

His plan worked and the jewelry’s owner was found. The airport even tweeted Omar a shoutout for turning in the “box of bling.” The owner was very thankful for its return and Omar told him, “Listen, pay it forward if you can. This is all I’m asking, 2020 has been rough.”

Photo: Getty Images