Porch Pirate Arrested After Showing Up In Court Wearing Same Clothes

An alleged porch pirate in South Carolina was arrested after he showed up in a courtroom looking EXACTLY the same as he did when a security camera caught him stealing.

The unidentified man was caught on camera taking Amazon boxes from a front porch, removing the items inside, and tossing away the boxes. The local police department posted pics and video of the incident on social media. THE VERY NEXT DAY, a guy showed up in a courtroom looking exactly the same... complete with a buzz cut and a green North Face t-shirt.

The authorities said: “Well, sometimes people actually do make our job easy. This guy decided to come into our courtroom the day after the first (social) post was made and lucky for us he was even wearing the same shirt. We are happy to say he is in custody.”

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Photo: Getty Images