Folks Are Making Thousands Just Streaming Themselves Sleeping

There are various ways to generate income, even during a Pandemic. This apparently includes making money while you sleep.

A new viral trend is called the "sleep stream" and one of the best sleep streamers out there is a guy who goes by the name "Asian Andy." The 26-year-old from LA made $16,000 in ONE NIGHT on his Twitch Livestream.

People donated money to Andy as they watched the stream... kind of a pay-per-view. He set up text-to-speech recognition for his Livestream, meaning that text messages he received over Twitch during the stream were read aloud by the computer. A lot of viewers used their messages to get his Alexa to play music or imitate a dog barking.

Even Andy was shocked at his viewers' generosity saying at the end: "Thank you so much. I used to drive Uber for $16 an hour." He has more than 40,000 subscribers on Twitter and Instagram and one million subscribers on YouTube.

Photo: Getty Images