Heinz Keeps On Releasing New Combos

I recently told you that Kraft-Heinz released Wasabioli, Hanch and Tarchup, combinations of their sauces that were only available in Canada, but they’ve just announced two new additions that are now listed on Walmart’s U.S. website:

  • Sweet Ketchili – The company says it combines the original ketchup flavor (which is spicy) and tangy with Thai sweet chili sauce. The company says it’s ideal for dipping everything from fries to tots and onion rings and works with any other foods that might require ketchup or hot sauce.
  • Buffaranch – As the name suggests, it combines cool creamy ranch dressing with a spicy Buffalo sauce. You’ll need to use your imagination on the types of foods that this mashup will work with, but that’s your business.

Since the official announcement has not been made, you’ll need to check your grocery aisle along with the Walmart site to see when they may show up on the Treasure Coast.