Two Spongebob Episodes Pulled From Nickelodeon

Two older “Spongebob Squarepants” episodes are getting yanked off of Nickelodeon. The virus-themed episode “Kwarantined Crab” about the “clam flu,” along with the “panty raid” episode “Mid-Life Crustacean” have been taken off the air after being deemed inappropriate and insensitive.

The season 12 episode “Kwarantine Crab” features a health inspector that tells employees and patrons of the Krusty Krab that everyone needs to quarantine inside the restaurant because someone has the “Clam Flu.” Given the “sensitivities” surrounding the past year’s very real pandemic, the episode has been yanked off the air.

Season three’s “Mid-Life Crustacean” hasn’t aired since 2019, and won’t be screening on streaming services either. The episode features the characters breaking into a woman’s house to steal her underwear, which has been deemed offensive and “not kid-appropriate.”

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Photo: Getty Images