Woman Charged With Felony For Not Returning Sabrina The Teenage Witch VHS

A felony is considered to be the worst type of crime to commit, but a woman from Oklahoma has a slightly different opinion after trying to change her driver’s license in Texas when she got married.

Caron McBride was told by the DMV she had an arrest warrant active for felony embezzlement in her home state. Why? According to the charges, she had failed to return a VHS tape of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ to a rental store in 1999. The video was rented at a business in Norman, Oklahoma that closed in 2008.

The District Attorney in charge of the case says they’re dropping the charges, but McBride says the warrant explained something to her. She says she’s been let go from several jobs over the last 20 years without being given a reason; she thinks her bosses were doing a criminal background check, seeing “felony embezzlement” and letting her go!

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Photo: Getty Images