Man Breaks Record And Does 1.5 Million Push Ups In One Year

Nate Carroll, who I'll easily call Superman, has just accomplished something that should impress each and every one of us.

In a quest to raise money for fallen first responders, the 45-year-old Carroll set out to break the world record for most push-ups done in a year. So, he set out to make it happen, averaging 4,000 push-ups a day. FOUR THOUSAND A DAY! A DAY!!

To celebrate smashing the 1.5-million push-up mark, Nate was invited to do his record breaking act on the fifty-yard line of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. And that's exactly where he did it, while being cheered on by first responders playing in the 48th Annual Fun City Bowl, where New York fire and police teams play ball.

Now here's the cool thing... technically, Carroll’s full year doesn’t end until June 13th, so he still has time to pad his new record and tens of thousands more!

Photo: Getty Images