Bridesmaid Gives Wedding Toast By Hologram

A bride and groom embrace on their wedding day

Photo: Loop Images

COVID-travel restrictions meant Sarah Redington couldn’t attend her best friend’s wedding in person, but that didn’t stop her from appearing there.

No, Sarah didn’t need Zoom to be there when Brittany Smith tied the knot with Jeffrey Gallant in Ontario. A lifelike projection of her all decked out in her bridesmaid dress was beamed into the reception.

She held a glass of champagne as she delivered her wedding toast and even got to chat with the bride. Credit goes to the groom Jeffrey, who came up with it to surprise his new wife. He says the hologram made his aunts “feel like they were on ‘Star Trek.”

And it was all made possible by a holographic company that usually beams presenters and celebs at events.

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