Officer Rushes Into Burning Home To Save Elderly Man

Photo: Getty Images/500px

A Wisconsin police officer is being praised for jumping into action to save the life of an elderly man. The Port Washington Police Department reports that Officer Tony Becker was on patrol when he heard popping and crackling noises and discovered a house that was “fully engulfed in flames” on one side.

As he approached, a 74-year-old woman escaped through the garage door and told Becker her 79-year-old husband was still trapped inside. The officer put his own safety aside and went into the burning home to get the man out. His body camera footage shows the house was full of black smoke and the man couldn’t see the door, so Becker told him to get low to the ground and come toward his voice.

Eventually, the officer reached the man and was able to pull him outside. Becker was treated for smoke inhalation before returning to work to finish his shift and the elderly couple is doing okay, too, according to the Port Orange PD. “We are thankful Officer Becker was in the area so quickly,” they write in a Facebook post, “and despite the dangers presented, was able to affect a rescue of the resident inside.”

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