Fan’s “Need Beer” Sign On ESPN's Gameday Makes Him Serious Cash

NCAA Football: ESPN College Game Day

Photo: USA TODAY Sports

A fan of Ole Miss is living proof that some well-placed signage can bring in cash.

Jack Gililland was ready to rock when College Gameday announced they’d be live in Oxford, Mississippi on Saturday. Getting in perfect camera shot, Gililland’s sign read, “NEED BEER MONEY,” and had his Venmo account listed.

Well, the first $5 came in fifteen minutes after the broadcast started, and that first live sign shot ended up making him $850.

However, a full day later, Gililland’s sign ended up raking in over $4,000!

The sophomore says 25% of the money that came in will be going to a local charity, and the rest we’re guessing will be used as advertised.

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