Man Raising Thousands To Buy Toys For Kids Affected By Tornadoes

Swath Of Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest

Photo: Getty Images North America

When Marine veteran Shawn Triplett returned home to Mayfield, Kentucky, he was shocked at what he saw. The town had been completely destroyed by a tornado. Shawn knew he could help and immediately went to the volunteer center. He was enlisted to help media folks as they invaded the town to show the horrible story. While doing so, Shawn visited shelters where the families who had lost everything were living and saw quite a scene: a mother consoling her son who was upset because Christmas was not going to happen. "It was very heartbreaking,” Triplett recalls. “It was way too much for me to handle."

After a restless night, he decided something must be done to help the children to not lose Christmas. He contacted friends through social media and raised $2-thousand, which he used to buy toys and gifts from Walmart. Word spread of his good deed and by the next day, $6-thousand more had been donated.

Triplett has since started a GoFundMe and hopes to raise $40,000 to buy toys and gifts for families affected by the tornadoes. And he notes that 100% of the money is going toward the gifts, he’s picking up the tab on any overhead needed to distribute them. If you would like to help, CLICK HERE now.

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