Nicolas Cage Saw This Video, Then Gave Up Karaoke

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Let's be honest, everyone needs a hobby to unwind once in a while. For superstar actor Nicolas Cage, that hobby was at one time singing karaoke. For him, singing at the top of lungs to his favorite tunes was his personal style of “therapy,” but one certain performance caught on video made him give it up for good.

A couple of years ago, while doing karaoke at a nearby karaoke night, Nicolas decided to present to the crowd a punk-rock version of “Purple Rain.” However, someone in the crowd decided to pull out their phone and starting recording the show. Then, they decided to post it to YouTube. Well, a few hundred thousand folks saw the clip. And one of those was Nicolas himself. After watching it, and probably cringing like the rest of us, he decided it was time to hang up his microphone.

Perhaps he still does some of this behind closed doors? If so, GOOD FOR YOU NIC!

Read more on Nicolas' revelation HERE.

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