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High School Students Who Battled Same Cancer Go To Prom Together

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Vivian Eagle, 17, from Avon, Indiana, along with her friend Cade Thompson, 18, from Indianapolis, both faced osteosarcoma. That's an aggressive form of bone cancer. The two had made friends thanks to their moms who recognized that their children needed someone who could relate to to the battle each other was going through. The two became best friends, with Cade—who was diagnosed 18 months prior to Vivian's diagnosis—providing nonstop support.

Vivian spent nearly three months in the hospital and underwent more than 30 chemo treatments. But with Cade's help, she made it through. Both Vivian and Cade are now showing no evidence of the disease. Vivian is now celebrating 7 months cancer-free and kicked up her celebration a notch at her school's prom. Naturally, she attended with Cade, who‘s been cancer free for two years.

Of course, both still undergo regular scans to ensure the cancer hasn’t returned.

Treatment forced both teens to give up sports, but Cade is planning a future in modeling and acting, and he wants to create a line of chemo-friendly clothing.

Vivian has a longer road to get back to where she was pre-cancer, but her mom says the same determination that helped her in her battle will carry her through.

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