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How Many Sweet Treats Do Americans Eat During The Holidays

Decorated christmas cupcakes

Photo: MAIKA 777 / Moment / Getty Images

'Tis the season for all the treats. I guess it started at Halloween, and now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are here, the sweets just keep on popping up everywhere.

And as Americans, we like to enjoy a sweet treat quite often this time of year. A new survey reveals that 48% of Americans admit they’ve attended a party just for the desserts. Not for the company, not for the gossip... but for the chocolate cake!

It also finds that the same number of us (48%) have even hidden their favorite treats to avoid sharing them. Let me asking you folks doing this something... Where are y'all hiding them?

During the holiday season, people eat an average of 26 cookies, 25 pieces of candy or chocolate, 12 pieces of pie, as well as 13 brownies!

I call that Thanksgiving day.

By the way, the top "winter flavor" is gingerbread (54%), followed by salted caramel (47%), peppermint (43%), maple (40%) and pumpkin spice (30%).

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